Relief Society’s Indoor Garden Party

It’s a couple of weeks to go already before March! Our ward Relief Society president contacted me some days ago to ask me if I could help out with making the invitations. So, while at it, I thought I’d repost this article from my old blog, which is about the Relief Society anniversary activity we had a few years back. So here we go….

It had been a busy week, with me baking 40 cupcakes for the Relief Society’s anniversary celebration – an indoor garden party. We had the option of holding it outdoors, but on the week of the party, the weather was not so predictable, so it was decided that we turn it into an indoor garden party instead.  After, we had a nice spacious hall to have it in, and just bring in a couple dozens or so of potted plants and we could be as close to the illusion as possible.

My task was not to decorate, but to produce around 40 pretty cupcakes for the party. Since it was going to be held in the middle of the week, I’m glad I was provided with little pink paper cups and matching toppers, so I could get away with a very basic layer of icing on top of the cupcakes and still have them look pretty. Here they were the night before, without the icing yet….

Thankfully, I got myself these food containers which were perfect for transporting the cupcakes. Otherwise, I might have fallen over the stairs or kerb while juggling these cakes!

What a sight the indoor garden was! It reminded me of scenes from My Fair Lady… I think the set of Mrs. Higgins’ garden, and Eliza Doolittle being there in her beautiful and delicate pink dress.

There were some outdoorsy lamps and strings of fairy lights, and these were what provided lighting to the venue. They did not turn on the hall’s ceiling lighting on purpose, so it would look more like an evening party in a real garden, than a party in a hall. And because I forgot to bring my proper camera, these photos were taken using my phone.

The other ladies also brought some plates of food, so we had sandwiches, scones, biscuits, fruits, lollies, and other sweets. But where, you may ask were my cupcakes?

Ah, here they are!

Happy anniversary, Relief Society organization! 🙂